Couple UP!

Hello bloggers and readers! I just couldn’t pass on without posting this one.


I attended ”The Feast- Pasig” yesterday. It’s a Catholic Prayer gathering held every Sunday in different venues around the world (as far as I know they have Feast builders in the US and in Europe). It starts with the Holy Mass followed by a Talk and then worship. It’s like spending 2-3 hours worshiping and listening to God’s word. I tell you, it’s “the happiest place to be”. 😀

Right before you enter the venue Ushers would hand out “Feast Bulletins”. As I went through the pages I couldn’t help but notice a section for “Couples”. (I’m married now so my eyes now easily looks for the Couples section. I used to stay at the Singles section of that bulletin before. Haha! )

This particular section for this weekend enumerated of “The Ten Laws of Marriage”.



#3 struck me first. This is usually what’s missing among couples.

I firmly agree that couples need to spend “quality time” with each other. But you need not be with each other ALL-THE-TIME (like you cannot eat-sleep-breathe without the other). Remember you both have separate lives before you met. You need to stick with your individuality still, even when you’re already inside the relationship.

Having a “significant other” in your life is not your sole relationship. It’s simply an addition to your existing relationships. What existing relationships am I pertaining to? It’s your relationship with your friends, family, community and the list goes on. Those are relationships you’ve built through time. And the presence of your significant other in your life is another relationship built and to be nurtured with love through time. That’s the reason why we introduce our significant other to our family and friends. It makes our relationships grow! 🙂

Conversations are healthy. And I mean conversations that do not only compose of “sweet-nothings” and “mushy acts and ideas” but rather those with sense and content. And to strike a good conversation with your partner you need to allow yourselves some time without the other. A good “ME time” will do. Or you spend time with friends, siblings, have coffee, shop, drink, socialize. Allow your partner the same. Why? So while you’re out with each other’s friends/siblings, the time apart would give you reasons to miss the other more. And the moment you see each other again (at night when you get back home) both of you will be filled with stories to talk about. It’s like catching up on an old friend even when you were just apart for a couple of hours.

Try it! 🙂


I’ll blog about the other numbers tomorrow. I choose 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, & 10. 

How about you? What number/s particularly strike you the most?

Talk about it here! Share your thoughts. 😉




haze’ 30-day challenge “DONT BE LATE”

Life seems a bit ho-hum these past few months. This morning I decided to give myself a challenge every month, just to get me back on track. Hopefully after every 30-day challenge I’ll get used to the discipline that the challenge taught me. So for this month I decided to challenge myself to take on something that I’ve been battling with for so long…BEING LATE.


This is my challenge for December 2012.

How about you? Do you have “late problems” too? Are you up for this challenge? Join me as I log in here the date and time as I come in for work starting on Monday (December 3) and count the days that I’ll be successful with not being late.

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Second Chances

I believe in second chances. No matter how complicated, we all need and deserve a second chance especially in matters of the heart..LOVE.

A guy who falls in love with a girl, gets her pregnant, parents agreed that they marry, they were teenagers back then. Few years later, they have two is five the other is two. But the marriage is not working. They separated. The kids stayed with his wife. He as a man, is trying to reconcile things with his wife even if his wife is the problem.  Then he sees how his kids are raised. He files for an annulment. His family is on his side. He wants out of the relationship. This is not the family he dreamt of. He’s good with kids. A “Family Man” I must say. But is it his fault that at a young age he made these choices? Doesn’t he deserve a second chance? On love? On finding a life-long partner?

I say yes. He deserves one.

He searches for the girl. Gets turned down every time he honestly says that he has kids. He can’t hide them. He is proud of them. They are his bundles of joy. But he wants a life-long partner too. Someone who he can spend his days and nights with. Someone who would fill the void in his heart. But he gets turned down. Over and over again. Doesn’t he deserve a second chance? On love? On finding a life-long partner?

I say yes. He deserves one.

He meets a girl. Crushes over her. He likes her. And she likes him too. But then she just got out of a complicated relationship. He sees the guy as a good man, but, when she learns of his status she’s having doubts of moving further in the relationship. Is moving out early on her best move to not repeat what she thinks as a complicated subject? Or isn’t this her second chance on love?

I say yes. She deserves one. He deserves one.

What do you think…? =)

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