Red rose

Surprises, and sweet what-nots

Fill me with so much gaiety

Mix it with creativity

To add variety

Unique things I see

Bring color to days gloomy.


Blanks, Empty spaces, Vacuous thoughts

Like a black void of space was brought

Isn’t it too early for this?

We’re just starting, aren’t we?

What happened?

Where will this lead?

I’m afraid, scared.

What’s next?Wilted rose


and then another…repost

where do you go when your lonely?

Posted: May 28, 2010 in Uncategorized

i feel alone right now, i dont know what hit me but suddenly it felt like the world has turned its back on me.  even the closest of people around me feel like they’re beginning to move away. what have i done? am i just being emotional?

i dont want to cradle this feeling but it seems like its taking the hell out of me.

i want to go to my place of solitude…up there…after a long walk on the way up, i would feel relieved afterwards.

seeing the view, feeling the breeze, the sun, close to nature, close to God.

i can cry my heart out in that instant. feel troubles drift away as tears roll down my cheeks.

this is my place of solitude. the place where even if the whole world turns its back on me, i know i could be assured that HE would’nt.

YOU…where do you go when your lonely?