Red rose

Surprises, and sweet what-nots

Fill me with so much gaiety

Mix it with creativity

To add variety

Unique things I see

Bring color to days gloomy.


Blanks, Empty spaces, Vacuous thoughts

Like a black void of space was brought

Isn’t it too early for this?

We’re just starting, aren’t we?

What happened?

Where will this lead?

I’m afraid, scared.

What’s next?Wilted rose



Sharing a part of a book I’m reading, I came across this gem when I went to a bookstore Warehouse Sale. Believing it’s just some book only a few would take a chance on buying because it was cheaply priced at P50 compared to other books on sale. I never thought that I’d find words to live by and thoughts of the author/s that made me say “I could not agree more”.

This particular excerpt struck me the most (though I haven’t finished the book yet) 😉 I hope you too could relate to it.

Real love- whether romantic love, close friendship, or a family relationship-happens long after (love) at first sight. It shows up as people get to know each other more deeply and often they work through tough things together. Real love in relationships isn’t a magic act- it’s a journey.

When people say, “It was love at first sight.” what they really mean is “I was attracted to that person the first time I saw them.” There is nothing wrong with being infatuated with someone at the start of a relationship. The real question, however, is, do you have a love that is growing stronger and deeper everyday?

I don’t believe in Love at first sight; I believe in Love at LAST sight. Each of our relationships has to have the potential to be better the next time we’re together than it was the previous time so that the last time we see each other we’re closer than ever before.

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Second Chances

I believe in second chances. No matter how complicated, we all need and deserve a second chance especially in matters of the heart..LOVE.

A guy who falls in love with a girl, gets her pregnant, parents agreed that they marry, they were teenagers back then. Few years later, they have two is five the other is two. But the marriage is not working. They separated. The kids stayed with his wife. He as a man, is trying to reconcile things with his wife even if his wife is the problem.  Then he sees how his kids are raised. He files for an annulment. His family is on his side. He wants out of the relationship. This is not the family he dreamt of. He’s good with kids. A “Family Man” I must say. But is it his fault that at a young age he made these choices? Doesn’t he deserve a second chance? On love? On finding a life-long partner?

I say yes. He deserves one.

He searches for the girl. Gets turned down every time he honestly says that he has kids. He can’t hide them. He is proud of them. They are his bundles of joy. But he wants a life-long partner too. Someone who he can spend his days and nights with. Someone who would fill the void in his heart. But he gets turned down. Over and over again. Doesn’t he deserve a second chance? On love? On finding a life-long partner?

I say yes. He deserves one.

He meets a girl. Crushes over her. He likes her. And she likes him too. But then she just got out of a complicated relationship. He sees the guy as a good man, but, when she learns of his status she’s having doubts of moving further in the relationship. Is moving out early on her best move to not repeat what she thinks as a complicated subject? Or isn’t this her second chance on love?

I say yes. She deserves one. He deserves one.

What do you think…? =)

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