Coffee & Journal


I found this in the “Notes” section of my Facebook page. I wrote this back in June 2011.


A table across mine i can’t help but notice you

By yourself, a cup of coffee on the side,

A pen on hand, a journal on the table

Writing, erasing, writing again,

Thinking, looking afar,

Tearing pages when not satisfied.

Then you keep your journal,

Order a donut,

Went for your second cup.

Thinking, looking far ahead, thinking

Then you open your journal,

Once again writing, thinking,

Pouring thoughts out

I guess…

Actually looking at you

Memories flood in me

I remember when that used to be me,

Me…pouring thoughts on a journal,

Using my pen as a channel for my feelings

A cup of coffee as my companion

Deaf to the noise of the world

Unwary of whats happening

Just enjoying the feeling,

Savoring the joy, the hurt,

Opening memories,

Then adding or closing chapters

in my life.

I look at you then i realize

Those times when i was at your seat

Were the times that made me see,

Made me appreciate myself,

Made me enjoy being single

Only difference between us is

Im a girl. you’re a guy

I do wish ‘Mr. Journal Writer’

That writing would do you good

As much as it has to me…



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