Dirty Pirate Poptails




I never thought this would be possible. This was posted by a friend of mine at my Facebook page. So since it got my interest i googled away and found this site. What’s good about this is all the ingredients are readily available. Read on guys, will definitely try this at home.

Off to the supermarket to buy the ingredients =)

Has anyone of you tried this? Comment away! 😀


let’s cook!

I never thought I would eventually deal with this topic. I never really grew up knowing or learning how to cook. It’s just not me. I love to eat, taste different varieties…but COOK? Oh no, not really.

Now, I don’t know what struck me lately but yes I indeed tried to cook without a cookbook or recipe in hand. My imag

ination is the key. I remember a conversation with my fiancee’s 17-yr. old sister, Lea:

Lea: Ate, did you learn how to cook because your getting married? 😉

Me: (caught by the moment) Uhmm..no, I just want variety. A new or different taste that would satisfy my buds. =)

Well, in all honesty th

at really is my top reason. Maybe, I’ll put cooking for my future hubby on the second. Because, it just really feels bland if you’d see, smell, and eventually eat the same menu every week.

So, join me my dear readers as I post here my creative creations when it comes to cooking. With a lil twist and a few tweaks to your normal menu. And I swear, even future hubby says their delish and most of the time out-of-the-ordinary!!! (That’s why I love him so much !) hahaha