The Little Things from a Big God

We all have choices. That’s a fact.

And today, I choose to appreciate.

This morning, I woke up a bit late. I was supposed to be out of the house by 7:30 to arrive at work by hopefully 8:00 AM (i’m keeping my hopes up though its Monday). But things didn’t turned out the way I had imagined it. Instead, my dog woke me up at 6:30, got out of bed at 7:00, had breakfast until 7:20, reminded that i need to get some things out of the house (so these little urgent matters went on until 7:45), then took a bath and dressed up until 8:15. As i stepped out of the house I whispered a small prayer to God asking for a tricycle. And he answered. =)  THANK YOU PAPA GOD! I was out of our village way fast but I found myself at 8:30 AM and still hailing for a ride.  In times like these I run to God. Who would better help me solve these seemingly close to impossible moments but God. =)


I prayed for a UV express as i waited patiently but it was to no avail. I was contemplating on taking Uber. The fare difference is way significant. That’s P25.00 versus 170.00 and above. And since its 8:35 already I took Uber. The driver arrived after 5 mins. Now i’m trying to beat the 9:00 AM clock to work. My everyday ride usually takes 30mins (this is waaaaaaay too fast) to an hour. But I have faith God is on my side. As i entered the car I told the driver that i need to be at the office hopefully by 9. And off we go. He knows its way impossible because first its a Monday and second we’re passing by a major road that’s usually filled with vehicles rush hour or not. But i have a God who works wonders and that’s more than enough for me.


Oh and good Lord! the roads are almost clear of vehicles, it wasn’t congested. Each vehicle was moving normally. Needless to say, it was a smooth ride. I arrived at work by 8:58 AM and my total bill with Uber was only P140.00. The Uber driver was even saying that he’s surprised that the roads are clear of traffic and it only took us 20 minutes. It was a blessing over another blessing. And I know who made it possible. That guy up there who always looks after us.

I say, Life’s little blessings are God’s ways of answering even our little prayers. His answers maybe a Yes, No, or Not Yet but trust that he always finds a way to give us the best. That’s how much he loves us. And that’s more than enough reason for us to love Him more.

May you choose to appreciate the littlest blessings that would come your way today. And in everything we do, may we choose love over fear or pride. Have a blessed day!

“It is the art of living, the purpose of our existence. Happiness is the true index of quality of life. Without happiness, life is dry and meaningless. With happiness, life immediately becomes fulfilling and wonderful. Happiness is an infectious feeling that immediately lifts the sagging spirits of people. Happy people keep themselves happy because they know the little ways to appreciate themselves and to see the humour and magic in each moment.”








I’m reminding my soul there is restoration, confirmation and strength coming my way … if I don’t give up.

“And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.” 1 Peter 5:10 (ESV)

Help me finish well what you have called me to do in this life Oh Lord. I’m pressing on. I believe this is all in preparation for eternity.

John 15:7, “If you remain in me and my words remain in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you.” (NIV)

Acts 20:24, ”However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me — the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.“ (NIV)

I am pressing on.


Unblocked? Unlocked?

Possible, why not?

If not,

Technical glitch?

Thoughts in switch

Fate at play?

Should i be dismayed?

These questions

Came as an opportune

For a heart check

Not a heart break

Have i really

Made a choice freely?

Entering discernment

Thoughts need enlightenment.







Most of the time it is actually fear that moves us thinking it is love. Take it from me. I remember doing things for someone and yet at the end of the day find myself asking God “Is that unconditional love?”. I didn’t get the answer. So on and on it goes until I found myself having expectations, that I deserve something. Only when I was freed from the situation did I get the answer. Only then did I realize what unconditional love truly meant. It was a tough pill to swallow at first but it was all worth it.

I have learned that love doesn’t operate through fear. ” For only perfect love casts out all fear”. Love and fear don’t go together but rather one destroys the other. I was asked a good question before, “Now, who would you allow to win? The victory of love or the victory of fear? May you choose wisely.”

You have always been…MY GOD.

You have always been

That voice calling out to me,

The hand that reaches out to me when I’m lost.

The one who was always patiently waiting for me,

The one who picks me up when I fall,

The one who saves me before I destroy myself.


You have always been

The ear who listens to my expressions of joy

And my cries of pain,

The one who never gets tired of my childish stories

And my child-like complains.

The one who glues my broken pieces together,

Then holds my heart and soothes it with care.


You have always been

My strength in times of weakness

The reason why I face the world in confidence.

You have always

Given me more than what I need

Given me something better when I falter.


You have always been

My source of peace

My steady fortress

The one who stays

The one who believes

In what I am and what I can be.


You have always

Dreamed greater dreams for me than I have for myself

The light in my darkest days


The reason why I choose to be a better person.


You are the reason for my everything.

You are my Father, my Friend, my Saviour,

My Love, my Peace, my Happiness,






Our 2014 forecast (Me & Joon)

2014 Forecasts

Pig Overview
This year is definitely an improvement over last, thanks to the fixed element of Wood. In fact, there are actually nine favorable months for you. So let yourself have fun and enjoy any excitement that comes your way. But on the flipside, remember to use the reins during the Year of the Horse so things don’t wander off-track or get out of control. Learn to be aware of your emotions. Don’t jump into the fray simply because other people are doing it. Don’t take unnecessary risks. Meditate more than usual. With these tools by your side, you can keep it together and come out ahead.
Pig Career
You’re down-to-earth, agreeable and hard-working. This year, you can reach unexpected pinnacles of fortune and success, so start having bigger dreams. Allow yourself to acknowledge your true desires when it comes to your career. Stop settling for the average. Also, it’s time to learn how to stand up for yourself once and for all. Don’t let other folks steal your thunder or get credit for your ideas and efforts. Claim your power, whether it’s in the boardroom or the classroom. Big, dramatic moves won’t work for you this year, but slow and steady progress will. You’re really in the process of building the foundation for something great, and that means being able to have the career and life of your dreams. There is still work to be done, but you’ll have the energy and stamina to get off to a good start this year.
Pig Relationships
It’s time to breathe a big sigh of relief and lower your dukes. Any conflict you experienced in your love life should be at an end. While things may not be perfect, you’re in a much better place. Whether you’re single or attached, now is the time to remember that fun and laughter really are the spice of life. Favor action over analysis, movement over stagnation and intuition over logic. And remind yourself that you don’t have to be in control of everything. Being a little more outgoing and spending more time playing helps you feel relaxed and approachable. And don’t be afraid to fly solo, whether that means spending time away from your sweetie or embracing the single life. You’re on a good path where romance is concerned.
Pig Health
Pick yourself up and dust yourself off from last year. Right now is a time of cleansing, recalibrating your energy and refining your health habits until they’re squeaky-clean. No one is asking you to be perfect, but make a concerted effort to do better. Hire a personal trainer. Join a dance class. Get back into that childhood sport you loved so much. This year is all about physical movement, so stay active, but don’t overdo it. Take the proper precautions. If you see that your diet is healthy and you get enough sleep, you should get through this year with flying colors.
Pig Wealth
This year you manage to capture that elusive feeling known as ‘financial security.’ You’re incredibly good at working quietly in the background, slowly building a nest egg or a company. The trick is to cash in when the time is right. Chances are good this can happen for you if you develop your sense of timing. In other words, take calculated risks and move on worthwhile opportunities. Map out a plan to buy that new home, car or business. It’s really possible. The Year of the Horse invites you to push beyond the boundaries of what you thought was possible, so think better and act bigger. And along the way, be smart about your money. You’re already good at that.
Rat Overview
This year, the secret to coming out on top is to keep a cool head and make the most of what you are given. Rats are independent and like to do things their way, are unafraid of risk and think of the world as their playground. Usually, that attitude gets you what you want. The Year of the Horse asks you to be more flexible and adapt your style to changing circumstances. Challenging everyone and everything in your path is not a good idea, but going with the flow is. Taking it easy will also help. Game-changing ventures, big plans: let these ideas sit and come to fruition before you start taking action. Slow and steady is the name of the game. Yes, this feels different to your usual method of operation, and it might feel uncomfortable at first, but you’ll like the results.
Rat Career
Uh-oh. You’re having one of those moments where work seems boring. ‘It’s time for a change!’ you think. But then doubts start to arise: are you making a rash decision? Pay attention to these types of questions this year, because you’re going to have the urge to switch things up one minute, only to change your mind the next. Quitting your job at the law firm and starting an organic vegetable farm in the middle of nowhere seem really appealing — or is it that you want to go to medical school instead? This is the year to take a few well-calculated risks rather than acting on impulse. Stay in the planning phase and think about long-term strategy. The good news is that your ideas will almost certainly be brilliant. Take notes, keep good records and stay on track.
Rat Relationships
This year emphasizes change and the thrill of the chase, but you tend to do better in solid partnerships. That means there may be moments when you really aren’t sure what you want. Are you meant to be single and live it up? Or should you stay put and make things work with your sweetheart? If you can find a sense of balance, you may just find the perfect balance in love. But if you’re really ready for change, this year’s energy might give you the gusto to make it happen. Just make sure your choice is based on something real, not a whim. Sleep on it for a few months. If you’re single, you might meet someone who prizes his or her independence as much as you do. The challenge here is figuring out how to become a couple without losing your sense of self.
Rat Health
‘Burning the midnight oil’ is a phrase that will become familiar this year. You’re up, out, about and all over the place. And while this might be a good strategy for your career, it’s not the best plan for your health. Fortunately, with some careful planning and awareness, exhaustion is avoidable. Remember to slow down, breathe and schedule in time for self-care. That way you can avoid respiratory problems, achy joints or injuries that might otherwise occur. Go easy in that Pilates class. Drink more water. Eat clean, healthy foods. It sounds simple, but small tweaks to your daily behavior will go a long way. You’ll really have to find the balance between work, play and rest. If you start a diet or a health regimen, stick with it. You’ll reap the benefits if you see it through for a significant amount of time.
Rat Wealth
Staying on task is what’s important when it comes to your net worth. You can also learn to detach from what your bank statement says. Do numbers really dictate who you are as a person? Let go of the money-ego thing and learn to live in the moment. Money can’t buy happiness, so be sure to take that lesson to heart. When you’re presented with the opportunity to take a risk this year (and you will be), just make sure you know what’s involved. The outcome can’t be predicted, but having a backup plan is an element you can control. An overall good strategy this year? Save as much as you spend — or more.