You have always been…MY GOD.

You have always been

That voice calling out to me,

The hand that reaches out to me when I’m lost.

The one who was always patiently waiting for me,

The one who picks me up when I fall,

The one who saves me before I destroy myself.


You have always been

The ear who listens to my expressions of joy

And my cries of pain,

The one who never gets tired of my childish stories

And my child-like complains.

The one who glues my broken pieces together,

Then holds my heart and soothes it with care.


You have always been

My strength in times of weakness

The reason why I face the world in confidence.

You have always

Given me more than what I need

Given me something better when I falter.


You have always been

My source of peace

My steady fortress

The one who stays

The one who believes

In what I am and what I can be.


You have always

Dreamed greater dreams for me than I have for myself

The light in my darkest days


The reason why I choose to be a better person.


You are the reason for my everything.

You are my Father, my Friend, my Saviour,

My Love, my Peace, my Happiness,







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