The Original State


A girl was once asked, What do you want?  And she answered “Love and Peace”

Then a follow-up question, “What takes away your Peace of Mind?” She mentioned 5.

1. When the people around me are unhappy.

2. When things start falling out of place. 

3. When I don’t feel God. I feel spiritually thirsty.

4. Feelings of doubt.

5. Stress.


There are three most important experiences behind every human soul. Love, Happiness, and Peace

And when we are deprived of these three we feel empty, exhausted, lost. Like we’re going on circles not knowing what to do and where to go. In this state we feel like the world is closing in around us and there’s nothing we can do. This is where family and friends come in to shed some light.  But since we’re covered in darkness, we most of the time close our world to them too. What we do not realize is,

“We do not lose PEACE, LOVE, and HAPPINESS because of the circumstances but because of the struggles we create in our mind between what we think should be and what reality is.”

Our thoughts play a major role in what has become of us. The mind is a powerful machine that has the capacity to destroy if not grow and nourish the soul. We feed our mind with thoughts of resentment, blame, guilt, other’s expectations, worries, things we cannot change, and the list goes on. BUT, we can also feed our mind with thoughts of love, peace, and happiness. IT’S OUR CHOICE! Isn’t it? We are the sole controllers of our mind. It’s not the people around us, it’s not the situations that we face, IT’S JUST US. If we really love ourselves, why would we think of negative thoughts. If we think of negative thoughts it simply means we do not value ourselves because we keep holding onto garbage. We need to discern. If I want PEACE, I need to plant seeds of peace…RIGHT NOW. It has been said that in thinking positively “You focus on the solutions not the problem.” Thinking about the problem is only a waste of thought. It eats up your energy while you go around about the problem. We have the power to create our own thoughts in accordance to what is true within us.

So what is our Original State? Each one of us is originally filled with Love, Peace, and Happiness. When we’re lost , we need to find ourselves for us to be able to go back to our original state.That’s our default. 

A positive thinker lives in the present. Yes. We learn lessons from the past, we live in the present, and gear up and go for our future. 


I am currently in the process of going back to my original state. 

We can only be wounded by the one we love the most.

Yes that’s true. 



what can you say?

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