tweet tweet tweet

I had a Twitter account since 2010? But I haven’t been using it. Basically because of the idea that since I have a lot of things and thoughts in my head its a bit hard for me to compress them in such short lines. Plus, I find it rather annoying to open Facebook to post a status update and would also want to post it on Twitter.

Recently, my bestfriend Denise suddenly was sooooo into Twitter that she’s asking me to follow her. So like in 2010 I jumped into the Twitter bandwagon once again. And funny thing though, I find it rather interesting now compared to Facebook. I don’t know what it is with this lil bird that made me addicted to it.

How about you? Are you into Twitter or Facebook? Post your comments.

And you can follow me on Twitter, its or you can simply hit the FOLLOW button on the left side. Open-mouthed smile

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