take a breather…enjoy love!

posted this as a comment on my bestfriend’s blog the other day, while i was reading her post i just cant help but hit the COMMENT button. Now I’m posting it here on my blog too…Hope someone out there relates to it too. =)


hey, hey, hey, R-E-L-A-X!

Take time,
Enjoy the feeling,
Don’t jump into conclusions yet,
Just enjoy.

Enjoy this phase,
It’s what’s missing in most relationships
They forgot to enjoy things as they unravel
When in fact
when two people agree to take the relationship to the next level,
This phase should still be in the picture.

Like you’re forever discovering each other,
There’s always something new…everyday…
It doesn’t stop..it just goes on and on..
Like LOVE… ♥♥♥

-haze- (on courtship and love)

what can you say?

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